Saturday, February 27, 2010

Can I paint over textured walls?

Can you paint over textured walls? This house has all types of texture: skip trowel, small stucco-like areas, popcorn ceilings. How do you paint over these types of walls when they need to be repainted? Can I paint over textured walls?
Use a long haired roller, alternatively you can now buy a textured wall cover which smooths out the surface like a plaster.Can I paint over textured walls?
Hi--we just bought an old '60's ranch with the same stucco/popcorn stuff going on here. You CAN just paint on over it, but if the stucco and popcorn really isn't your thing ( and you or someone you know is handy) nailing 1/4'; or 3/8'; sheetrock over it will give you a smooth surface to start all over with again before you paint or wallpaper or whatever you really want to do with the room.

In our area, prepping an 11x 14 room is about a hundred bucks if you're doing the labor yourself ( which the hubby and I are). Trying to scrape the stucco off can be a nightmare--you either paint over it and live with it or throw that layer over it.

Hope this helps?
Popcorn ceiling should be sprayed . They are hard to paint with a roller even one's designed for that. But if you paint the ceiling use an eggshell or semi-gloss so the ceiling is sealed and it will make painting it again alot easier.

The other can be painted with a foam roller. I actually use the small roller to paint my walls. I think it takes less pressure and I have painted rooms using the small sponge rollers. If I need a second coat I just put the roller in a plastic bag in the fridge until I'm ready for a second coat.
Just use a roller....thick nap will paint over all this stuff...the ceiling will eat up the paint, but big deal....certainly cheaper than having the texture removed (asbestos !) Nothing you state is out of the ordinary. Good luck and have a fun time! While painting a popcorn cieling, expect small lumps to come off if it has never been big will not miss them. Goldwing
you can't paint over the popcorn ceiling. but you can definitely paint the textured wall.
Yah dude, chillax, I have popcorn celings and the walls with the skip trowel, nothing happens when u paint over them, just paint it.
Yes, you can paint over texture. I would use a spray gun for the popcorn ceiling.
Yes you can. They have a special roller that has a thicker nap at the hardware store.
Hell yeah! Just use a roller, dude. A paint brush will do for around your trim. With the popcorn ceiling, a spray gun is best.

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